About Us

Ever wonder what happens to your food when you throw it away?

We deal with it so that you don’t have to.  By providing a smooth, weekly pick-up service for compostables, being green is easier than ever.  When food gets thrown away, it becomes very toxic underground; yet above ground, with the right conditions, we can compost it into beautiful, energy-rich soil.

If you live in an apartment, are too busy to compost, or have found it’s too much to manage, Let Us Compost is for you! Even if you already compost in your backyard, we will pick up those crazy things prohibited in Georgia backyard composting, like meat, bones, dairy, grease and greenware.  Let Us Compost is a great service that offers truly sustainable and affordable waste management and is a constant resource for re-use in Athens, Georgia.  Check out our store for compost products, local veggie box delivery, handy containers, zero waste events, worm bins and more!

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